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atari 2600
2.pitfall 2
4.craze maze of cops and robbers
5.frogger pacman invaders
8.yars revenge
10.night driver

original nes
1.megaman 2
3.uninvited dream
5.super mario bros 3
6.kirby adventure
7.samurai pizza cats
8.tmnt 1
9.tetris hunt
11.wizards and warriors
12.zelda 2 adventures of link
14.adventure island hockey

sega genesis
1.sonic 2
2.sonic 3 & knuckles
3.phantasy star 4
4.altered beast
5.ecco the dolphin
6.alex kidd in the Enchanted Castle
7.mortal kombat 2
8.Bonanza Brothers
10.Double Dragon 3 - The Arcade Game
11.Mickey Mouse - Castle of Illusion
12.Quack Shot Starring Donald Duck
13.Toejam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron
14.X-Men 2 Clone Wars
15.Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters
16.Gunstar Heroes

super nintendo
1.super mario all stars+super mario world
2.donkey kong country trilogy
3.zombies ate my neighbors
4.contra 3 alien wars
5.kirby superstar
6.kirby dreamland 3
7.tetris and dr mario match mix
8.tetris attack
9.super mario rpg legend of the seven stars
10.super mario world 2 yoshi island
11.mega man x3
12.tmnt turtles in time fox
14.rock roll racing
15.stunt race fx
16.joe and mac both games
18.power rangers movie game
19.spiderman maxium carnage
20.ultimate mortal kombat 3

sega cd
1.sonic cd
2.earthworm jim special edition

sega 32x
1.knuckles chaotix

1.ocarina of time
2.majora's mask
3.mischief makers
4.mystical ninja starring goemon
5.goemon great adventure
6.rush 2 extra racing
7.pokemon stadium
8.pokemon snap
9.kirby 64 crystal something
10.super mario bros 5 or known as super mario 64
11.super smash bros 64
12.paper mario 64
13.diddy kong racing
14.mario kart 64
15.chameleon twist
16.snowboard kids 1 & 2
17.goldeneye 007 64
19.banjo tooie
20.conker live and reloaded or known as conker bad fur day
21.donkey kong 64 fox 64
23.jet force gemini
24.yoshi story
25.wwe no mercy
26.tony hawk pro skater 2
27.south park
28.mario party 3

1.earthworm jim 2
2.mega man 8
3.mega man x4 fantasy 7 and 8 and 9 fantasy tactics
6.mortal kombat 3
7.alundra 1 ocean 2nd story
9.mega man legends trilogy
10.resident evil 1 2 and 3
11.chrono cross
12.bust a move 2
13.spin jam
14.parasite eve 2
15.spyro all three games
16.legend of dragoon
17.tony hawk pro skater 3
18.fighting force 2
19.Gauntlet Legends i prefer ps1 version over the n64 version
21.Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone
22.Metal Slug X
23.Rugrats Search for Reptar
24.Spec Ops - Ranger Elite
25.Spider man 1&2
26.Star Gladiator Episode 1 Final Crusade
27.Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo
28.threads of fate
29.Wild Arms 2
30.Castlevania Symphony of the Night

sega saturn
1.sonic jam
2.nights into dreams
3.daytona usa
4.sonic r

1.sonic adventure
2.sonic adventure 2
3.phantasy star online
5.crazy taxi
6.resident evil code veronica
7.marvel vs capcom 2 i think 2 is better than 3 for some reason
8.ecco the dolphin defender of the future
9.102 dalmatians puppies to the rescue
10.shadow man
11.sonic shuffle

1.phantasy star universe
2.drakengard 2
3.devil kings
4.gta san andreas ocean till the end of time
6.duel master
7.xenosaga episode 1
8.wild arms 3
9.mortal kombat shaolin monks
10.simpsons hit or run
11.haunting ground
12.resident evil outbreak file 2
13.x-men legends 1 and 2
14.klonoa 2
15.dark cloud
16.taito legends 2

1.tony hawk pro skater 3
2.paper mario ttyd
3.super smash bros melee
4.metroid prime
5.super mario sunshine
6.mario kart double dash
7.twilight princess fox adventures
9.pokemon xd gale of darkness
10.resident evil fantasy crystal chronicles
12.resident evil 0
13.shadow the hedgehog
14.james bond 007 nightfire
15.spongebob battle for bikini bottom
16.ultimate spider man
17.teen titans
18.spider man 2
19.gauntlet dark legacy
20.enter the matrix
21.wario world
22.mega man x command mission
23.mega man network transmission
24.harvest moon a wonderful life
25.dragon ball z sagas
26.eternal darkness
27.mario party 6

1.fable the lost chapters
2.halo 2
3.conker live and reloaded
4.elder scolls 3 morrowind
5.splinter cell chaos theory
6.hitman blood money
7.castlevania curse of darkness of cthulhu dark corners of the earth
9.shenmu 2
10.tony hawk pro skater 2
11.batman begins
12.disney extreme skate adventure

1.tales of graces
2.tales of symphonia chronicles
3.tales of xillia fantasy x & x-2 hd remaster
5.kingdom hearts 1.5
6.kingdom hearts 2.5
7.modnation racers all stars battle royale
9.little big planet
10.sonic generations
11.elder scolls oblivion
12.sonic all stars racing transformed
13.cartoon network punch time explosion

xbox 360
1.fable 2
2.phantasy star universe
3.tmnt turtles in time reshelled
4.mickey mouse castle of illusion hd remake
5.dragon ball z budokai hd collection
6.dragon ball z raging blast 1
7.sonic unleashed
8.tales of vesperia
9.silent hill hd collection
10.resident evil 4 5 and 6 and also the hd remake
12.fable 3 batman 1 dead redemption

1.kirby superstar ultra
2.diddy kong racing ds
3.pokemon heartgold
4.chrono trigger ds
5.animal crossing wild world
6.pokemon diamond
7.super mario 64 ds fantasy 4
9.kirby canvas curse
10.sonic rush
11.mario party ds
12.super princess peach
13.yoshi island ds

2.mario and sonic at the olympic winter games
3.mario kart wii
4.sonic colors
5.sonic and the secret rings
6.skyward sword
7.super paper mario
9.nights journey of dreams
10.the last story
11.super mario galaxy 1 & 2
12.sonic unleashed
13.kirby epic yarn
14.metroid other m
15.wii sports pokemon ranch
17.super smash bros brawl
18.donkey kong country returns
19.Metroid Prime Trilogy
20.twilight princess

1.dissidia 012 duodecim final fantasy
2.castlevania dracula x chronicles
3.phantasy star portable 2
4.crisis core ff7
5.fate extra fantasy 4
7.maverick hunter x
8.silent hill shattered memories
9.Silent Hill Origins
10.Tales of the World Radiant Mythology
11.corpse party

1.mega man legends 3
2.kirby triple deluxe
3.ocarina of time 3d
4.super mario 3d land
5.pokemon omega ruby
6.majora's mask 3d
7.super smash bros for nintendo 3ds
8.scribblenauts unlimited
9.pokemon y
10.kingdom hearts dream drop distance
11.a link between worlds
12.luigi's mansion dark moon fox 64 3d
14.mario party island tour

wii u
1.super smash bros for wii u
2.super mario 3d world
3.wind waker hd
4.twilight princess hd 2016
5.hyrule warriors
6.mario kart 8 super mario bros.u
9.yoshi wooly world
10.mega man x9
11.mighty no 9
12.nintendo land
13.donkey kong country tropical freeze
14.mario party 10
15.pikmin 3
16.kirby and the rainbow curse fox adventures 2 city
19.gta 5
20.zelda u
21.scribblenauts unlimited
22.project cars
23.mario maker
24.sonic lost world
25.sonic boom jurassic world

xbox one
1.gta 5
2.batman arkham knight
3.dead rising 3
4.elder scolls online
5.project spark
6.fable legends
7.rayman legends
8.sleeping dogs

1.kingdom hearts 3 fantasy 15
3.klonoa 3
4.mega man x10
5.gta 5
6.mortal kombat 10
7.minecraft marvel super heroes
9.little big planet 3 fantasy 14 realm

nintendo revolution 2016
1.mega man 11
2.mega man legends 4
3.donkey kong country 4
4.paper mario 6
5.mario kart 9
6.resident evil 7
7.super mario 64 the sequel
8.mario and sonic at the olympic new york games
9.kirby adventure hd remake
10.contra 5
11.zelda 3
12.conker the sequel nintendo finally bought rare back in 2016
13.banjo threeie
14.mischief makers 2 sequel
15.mystical ninja goemon 3
16.mario party 11
17.tales of the apocalypse
18.tales of graces 2 sequel
19.super mario rpg legends of the seven stars hd remake
20.shadowgate 2 sequel
21.tiny toon adventures buster busts loose hd remake

sega dreamcast 2 2017
1.sonic adventure 3
2.shenmu 3
3.phantasy star 4 hd remake
4.sonic 3 and knuckles hd remake
5.nights 3
6.earthworm jim 4
7.rock n roll racing 2
8.ecco the dolphin is finally back
9.resident evil code veronica 2
10.resident evil outbreak file 3
11.dino crisis 4
12.altered beast hd remake
13.columns 4
14.ristar 2 yay ristar is finally back
15.mighty the armadillo finally gets his own game
16.zombies ate my neighbors 3
17.golden axe 4
18.streets of rage 4
19.toejam and earl in panic on funkotron hd remake
20.comix zone 2 sequel
21.mickey mouse castle of illusion 2 sequel
22.double dragon 6
23.phantasy star 5
24.bonanza bros 2 sequel

atari 15000 in 2017 yay atari is finally back
1.asteroids hd remake
2.pitfall 3
3.frogger hd remake
4.adventure 2 sequel invaders 2 sequel
6.pacman remake
7.night driver hd remake
8.yars revenge 2 sequel
9.berzerk 2 sequel
10.dig dug hd remake

PS the three consoles at the bottom is fake it's meant to be a joke if only it could happen


darren9999's Profile Picture
i like littlest pet shop 2012 tv series i like my little pony friendship is magic i like pepper ann
i like playing pc games i like anime and movies
my favorite shade is black
my favorite number is 7
my favorite food is pizza

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